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Food and Beverage




Christina Conlin
Baker McKenzie

TJ Mulvihill
Vice President Marketing, Americas
Barry Callebaut

The Food and Beverage Forum comes together around issues shaping the food and beverage industry in Chicago like consumer habits, product innovation, and changing customer expectations – all of which affect a company’s bottom line. The Forum is composed of business leaders interested in collaborating to promote industry growth and support the flourishing food and beverage environment in Chicago.  
Join us if you are: 

  • Restaurateurs 

  • Food Manufacturers 

  • Grocers and Food and Beverage Retailers 

  • Confectioners 

  • Beverage Distributors 

  • Dairies 

  • Chefs and Cooking Suppliers 

  • Industry Service Providers 


Contact Megan Cicurel at 312-924-3774 to register for an upcoming event or learn more about this forum.