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In the last year, Artificial intelligence (AI) has secured its place of importance in the business world and beyond. From automated decision making and customer experience personalization to workforce transformation and improved efficiency, AI is reshaping how the world operates. The AI revolution is here to stay, and organizations must seize the opportunity to gain competitive advantages, empower employees, and deliver stronger results to stakeholders.

Join the Exec Club, CDW and KPMG on May 15, 2024 for discussions on how AI is shaping the present and the future.

During the reception, discover KPMG’s Meet Skylar, the AI Agent and Interactive GenAI Dashboard. Meet Skylar, the KPMG AI Agent, will conduct live, dynamic five minute interviews with participants. The Interactive GenAI Dashboard explores the future of growth with an interactive dashboard, revealing the untapped GenAI opportunity across industries through a cutting-edge outside-in analysis. 

Members: Complimentary
Member Guests: $75
Non-Members: $150

Opening Session

As AI continues to take the corporate world by storm, organizations are tasked with understanding how the technology is impacting their present business practices and how it will influence their future operations.

How can businesses adapt to remain competitive in an AI-driven economy? What upcoming AI trends do businesses need to be ready for?

Nahel Gandhi

CEO and Founder, Parinamas

Todd Lohr

Principal, U.S. Technology Consulting Leader, KPMG

Sanjay Sood

Chief Technology Officer, CDW

AI & Business Education

For profit companies are not the only organizations that are responding to the growth of AI – universities are tailoring their curriculum to keep their students in the know and on the cutting edge of AI trends and their role in business.

How are universities updating their curriculum to account for AI’s role in the business world? What are top MBA programs doing to ensure their students are ready to tackle the opportunities and risks that come with AI?

Andy Fano

Director of Kellogg-McCormick MBAi Program, Northwestern University

Sanjay Sood

Chief Technology Officer, CDW

Risk and Responsible AI

Organizations implementing AI in workplace operations risk encountering unintended ethical dilemmas and bias in decision-making, which can lead to reputational damage and legal challenges.

Additionally, they face the technical challenge of ensuring data security and privacy, as AI systems often require handling sensitive information. What do organizations need to be aware of when it comes to the risks of using AI? How will these risks and challenges affect how organizations protect themselves?

Max Hanson

Managing Director, KPMG’s Digital Lighthouse Practice

Chantal Forster, Moderator

Warren West Advisory

Closing Session

The adoption of AI in the workplace is leading to significant transformations in how businesses operate by automating routine tasks and enabling more efficient and informed decision-making. This shift is not only enhancing productivity – it necessitates a change in workforce skills with a growing emphasis on AI literacy and data management competencies.

However, many organizations are struggling to effectively adopt AI in a way that facilitates long term success. To ensure that they are making the most out of their investment in AI, businesses need to be certain they are taking the proper steps to effectively integrate the technology in their operations.

What does successful adoption look like? How are organizations who have experienced success with AI adoption ensuring their investment is worthwhile?

This session will explore two case studies on AI and the workplace.

David Chapman

Vice President of Sales, Central Region, CDW

Justin Jones

Director of Corporate Strategy, CDW

Michael Lambert

Chief Innovation Officer, Wintrust Financial Corporation

Rich Olejniczak

SVP, Data Programs – Data Ops, Wintrust Financial Corporation

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