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Aug. 25 Square

The Future of Our Workspace

Halfway through the year, we find ourselves still making sense of the way COVID-19 challenges trends in real estate such as co-working space, workspace hoteling, open floor plans, and an abundance of communal areas. As companies are in various stages of going back to work, we all have something to learn from those in various stages of testing out new methods of returning to work. How will COVID-19 impact the way the real estate industry approaches future office design? How could it impact the way corporations approach office space decisions in the future? And how do changing guidelines and recommendations effect workers back in the office?

Join us on August 25 as The Executives’ Club’s Real Estate Forum presents a check-in conversation with organizations in different stages of going back to work. We will discuss lessons learned and best practices for you to consider as you navigate these times, as well as the long-term impact that the global pandemic could have on the future of office space.

Sept. 22 Square

Asia's Prominence in Global Business

The future ahead of us is undeniably influenced by the technological, cultural, and economic forces brewing in Asia. Case in point: the worldwide disruptions and ramifications in health, commerce, and politics as a result of COVID-19. Beyond the pandemic, there are shifting ties between privacy and regulations, governance and social unrest, traditionalists and progressives across the region. How are these factors and more centering Asia’s role in global business and relationships?

Join us on September 22nd to hear from regional experts on the rising tides of Asia’s global power and how the continent’s politics, economy, and technology are changing the way we do business all over the world.


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Real Estate Forum: The Future of Our Workspace
August 25, 2020

Marketing, Communications and Sales Forum: The Marketing Pivot: How B2B CMOs are Navigating Crisis
September 1, 2020

International Business Forum: Asia's Prominence in Global Business
September 22, 2020

Professional Services Forum: Succession and Stakeholder Management: A Discussion with Chicago’s Family Business Leaders
September 29, 2020

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