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Why Become a Member?

Define Yourself. Redefine Executive.

Becoming a member of Exec Club means joining a growing community of the people driving Chicago’s business. Membership is for people and companies who want to think differently, who want to grow, who want to change the business landscape.

Exec Club membership is by invitation only. Our members are hand-picked by other members to participate in our community.

Join us where the future meets.

Joining the Executives’ Club of Chicago is one of the most important steps you take in building your network.

Be Challenged

What Does Membership Include?

  • Programs
    • Go deep with industry influencers  on the most relevant business issues.
  • Members-Only Programs
    • Experience unique opportunities designed to build deep relationships among Chicago’s business leaders.
  • Peer and Leadership Development
    • Become a better, more effective leader for your team and company. 
  • Signature Series events
    • Hear how the world’s best business leaders are tackling today’s biggest issues.

Customized Engagement With Every Membership

We know that one size does not fit all. We grow when our members feel connected with a personalized, curated experience. Our proven process ensures that members get the most out of their experience.

Step 1:

Explore. Understand the needs and objectives of members.

Step 2:

Customize. Build the experience.

Step 3:

Steward. Ensure that members are engaging with their benefits.

Step 4:

Renew and refer. Our members help us continue building Exec Club

The Enterprise Experience

Develop your organization and your people with an Enterprise membership: help your team grow professionally and personally, increase your company’s visibility, elevate your corporate brand.

For Enterprise members, we activate our network of trusted experts and exclusive programming to elevate your entire organization and team. It’s a highly customized member experience. 

Contact Christian for more information

Relationships Drive Success. We Drive Relationships.

Exec Club membership shows that Chicago business matters to you and that you matter to Chicago business. Members are here to push themselves and move their fields forward.

What kind of people become members?

  • Senior level executives, up and coming leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs of large and small, local, national, and multinational corporations.
  • Leaders of universities, state and city government officials, and foreign dignitaries.
  • Executives who want to grow personally, professionally, and elevate their corporate brand.

Most importantly, our members interact with people inside and outside of their niche. They learn more about how to do their job better, and the bigger picture. It’s not networking. It’s connecting.

A Legacy Of Change

For Over 100 Years, A Platform To Connect

What does it mean to truly connect? It means an open exchange of ideas. That’s why our member experiences bring leaders together to foster meaningful connections, share experiences and have discussions that move them forward.

For over 100 years, we’ve been the place to build relationships, share ideas, develop new business opportunities and participate in world-class programming.

Chicago’s past is written. Its future is wide open.

Let’s Connect

Become a Member

It’s not just a membership, it’s an opportunity.