The Executives' Club Of Chicago

Leadership Development Workshop Series


The Power of the Workplace for Activating Social Change

The workplace is the most central institution of our day-to-day lives. Each day we travel to work from neighborhoods that are inherently segregated, and outside of work we tend to interact with people who look and think in similar to ways to ourselves. Because of their diversity and focus on common goals, workplaces have the potential to be centers of transformational change and the platform for ensuring true inclusion both in and out of work.

The 2020-2021 Executives’ Club of Chicago Leadership Development Workshop series will focus on diversity, equity and inclusion including understanding how we got to where we are, the skills needed to grow, and how to create measurable change.  Bringing some of the most powerful and inspiring leaders working in this space right now, we will focus on issues surrounding self-awareness, explore why traditional “unconscious bias training” workshops often fail, and how to activate the power of our diverse teams to change not only our own corporate cultures, but society-at-large for the better. 

Workshops are designed to provide participants with practical tools and content that can be applied to their own professional growth as well as the evolution of their company.

Workshop Topics include:

  • Where do we go next for DEI in the workplace?
  • Developing and Integrating Purpose
  • Activating a Culture of Inclusion
  • Measuring DEI Practices

Workshop Series Pricing:

Members: $350 for 4 workshops

Nonmembers: $700 for 4 workshops

To learn more or register for the workshop series, please contact Brett Taylor.