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The Executives’ Club of Chicago is committed to transforming the culture of work to ensure that female talent rises and succeeds. Partnering with Bonfire moves us forward.

Through this partnership, member companies have another programming option within the Executives’ Club of Chicago leadership development portfolio to place their most promising women in a distinctive program equipping women with the perspective, skills, inspiration and clarity they need to Matter More.

Through a six-month immersive curriculum, Bonfire equips rising-star women with the tools necessary to:

  1. Gain greater agency and authority in promoting themselves and their ideas
  2. Influence decision-making more effectively
  3. Increase the value of their contributions to their organizations

Bonfire uses a proprietary blended learning methodology to provide an experience unlike any traditional talent development program.

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Grounded in experience, the cohort program combines multiple development elements:

  • All Rise Trainings
    The bedrock of the Bonfire program consists of monthly events (online and in-person, if possible) that bring together the entire cohort to deeply absorb skills-based training modules.
  • Small Groups
    Carefully curated groups of five members allow cohort members to debrief content, practice new skills and troubleshoot challenges they are currently facing in the workplace.
  • Digital Classroom
    Bonfire’s members-only, flexible online-learning environment offers members a steady stream of relevant learning content, community management tools and reflective exercises.
  • Optional Programming Events
    Bonfire provides several additional and optional engagement opportunities throughout the program including Town Halls, Bonfire Network Events and Refuel Events, where members engage with Bonfire content more deeply and with the broader community.
  • Additional Benefits
    As a corporate partner of  the Executives’ Club of Chicago, members of the Bonfire @ the Executives’ Club of Chicago cohort will receive access to the Bonfire co-working space, office hours hosted by Bonfire, access to the Bonfire Women’s alumnae network, one-year free membership to the Executives’ Club of Chicago, invitation to all the Executives’ Club of Chicago C-Suite visits, free access to virtual Executives’ Club of Chicago event registrations and first right of refusal to specific Executives’ Club of Chicago in-person events.

The Founders

Rachel Bellow and Suzanne Muchin are the co-founders and the co-hosts of The Big Payoff, a podcast for women discussing life at work.

Suzanne Muchin

Clinical Associate
Professor – Kellogg School of Management
Career in strategy and entrepreneurship

Rachel Bellow

TED Fellow
Career in philanthropy, venture capital and entrepreneurship


Member companies pay a $4,500 participation fee for each woman enrolled.*

*Includes an Executives’ Club of Chicago member discount

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