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The Professional Services Forum encompasses a diverse set of cross-functional service professionals looking to grow their skills and build strategic relationships. With one of the largest pools of specialized service professionals in the country, Chicago has long been home to an incredibly rich and skilled economy.

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This Forum discusses ideas that appeal to a variety of client-facing executives. It’s for those who are interested in attending events centered around:

  • How leaders are thinking through client relationships in a hybrid world
  • Strategic discussion on the future of business development in remote settings
  • How organizations are thinking through board structure and how boards can exemplify company culture and values and turn corporate profits
  • How to approach succession planning, business strategy, and brand direction of family-owned businesses and what leaders can do to ensure family businesses thrive

Professional Services draws together an ever-changing and diverse group of leaders and thinkers. Curious who is in the room for these conversations? Find yourself amongst a group of:

  • Accountants
  • Consultants
  • Executive Search Associates
  • Insurance Leaders
  • Lawyers
  • Legal Directors
  • Small Business and Family Business Leaders

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