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Marketing, Communications and Sales Spotlight

With a focus on bringing together some of Chicago’s long-standing industry leaders, as well as those up-and-coming advertising agencies and creative executives, the Marketing, Communications and Sales Forum has provided a platform for necessary conversations surrounding the ever-changing world of marketing and communications. 

For Forum Chair Kerri Neis, Associate Director, Field Marketing at KPMG, the three prongs of business that make up this Forum - Marketing, Communications and Sales - allow leaders a unique intersectional point to think through brand and impact from differing professional lenses. “Marketing, Sales, and Communications act as a three-legged stool to a company’s brand and impact in the marketplace, it’s wonderful to bring professionals together with the perspectives of each. I’m honored to lead this year’s Forum members in networking, learning, and sharing together!” 

For Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Communications Officers, PR Managers, Advertising Executives and Media Consultants, conversations surrounding the necessary B2B marketing pivots and crisis communications strategies have been vital to shifts within these industries throughout the pandemic, all with an eye on furthering corporate brands. 

While these topics and the panelists have been a critical resource to members, Kerri points to the comradery among members of this Forum as a highlight of her tenure as Forum Chair. “Particularly this past year, while working from home, and feeling very secluded, from a professional perspective it helps me feel in touch with the broader business community despite our physical separation.”

Through all of the challenges and lessons of this past year, Kerri reminds us all of the power that comes from participation in industry-specific Forum programming, like the sessions hosted by the Marketing, Communications and Sales Forum. For Kerri, it is the “opportunity to give back to the business community to has given so much to me in Chicago” that has been most meaningful.  “I started my career in this magnificent city 28 years ago, and I’ve learned so much from the people and organizations I’ve been fortunate enough to work with. I hope that I can offer something to others, by leading a group of professionals with mutual interests to share with one another.”

If you’d like more information about joining this Forum, please contact Justin Berkowitz.

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