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The Executives’ Club of Chicago’s Food and Beverage Forum serves as a space where members can come together for thought leadership in the food and beverage industry. With ever-changing customer habits and expectations, product innovation, and digital advances all affecting a company’s bottom line, the Food and Beverage Forum tackles these items and more. This Forum is made up of business leaders interested in collaborating to promote industry growth and support the flourishing food and beverage environment in Chicago.

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The Food and Beverage industry is ever-changing. This Forum is right for you if you find yourself wanting to know more about:

  • How restaurateurs, investors, and innovators are planning for industry recovery
  • An exploration of new fast-casual trends, the importance of pop-up concepts, and more
  • Analysis of how blockchain technology is redefining how food products are delivered
  • How Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is thinking about food and beverage consumers
  • How data and social media are shaping brand recognition and sales

Curious who will be in the room and leading the conversations? You’ll find a diverse group of:

  • Restaurateurs
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Grocers and Food and Beverage Retailers
  • Confectioners
  • Beverage Distributors
  • Industry Service Providers

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Reach out to Justin Berkowitz, Forums and Content Manager.