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Ten years ago, economist Linda Babcock sent out a plea for help to her colleagues, Brenda, Lise, and Laurie. Like her, they were crushed by work, unable to keep up with an overwhelming amount to do, and desperate to get their lives in control. They met at a restaurant to compare stories and strategize, and realized that despite their accomplishments and productivity, they were spending too much time on work that didn’t matter to their careers. Then and there, they vowed to say no to any new request for dead-end work.

This was the beginning of The No Club.

Their mission: To banish these dead-end, or “non-promotable” tasks (NPTs) like preparing a presentation deck, organizing the charity fundraiser, screening the summer interns, and more, from consuming women’s work. Their research showed that women were 48% more likely to volunteer for NPTs than men, and that in one organization, regardless of seniority, the average woman spent 200 more hours per year than the average man on NPTs, roughly one extra month of work that wouldn’t get her promoted or paid more.

Join original “No Club” member Laurie Weingart as she shines a light on a previously unseen issue and provides tools for individuals and companies who want to change. She’ll talk about the group’s pioneering research and how they were able to use it to write a meaningful playbook to help businesses improve gender equity in the workplace.

This program is presented in partnership with the HRMAC Institute at the Executives’ Club of Chicago. The HRMAC Institute comprises Chicagoland’s largest and most vibrant community of professionals who are passionate about talent and building the best organizations of the future.

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Non-Members: $100

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