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The 77 Forum:

For years, corporations have sought to create a lasting civic imprint on the community in which they operate through donations and charitable giving, fundraising opportunities, days of service and more. In 2022, following two years marred by a variety of challenges, leaders within the corporate partnerships space are seeking to reshape their giving footprint. With employees seeking opportunities to create equity and expansion of opportunity for all Chicagoans, and a recognition of systemic oppressions, the corporate partnership game looks and feels vastly different.

Exec Club’s 77 Forum gathers for a conversation about how those leaders in corporate partnerships are exploring the various opportunities for partnership throughout Chicago. How are they translating statements on purpose and mission into actionable relationships with local organizations? What does the future of corporate engagement with civic non-profits look like in Chicago, and how can your team be embracing new opportunities?

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Non-Members: $50
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Notice: Until further notice, the Executives’ Club of Chicago will require all attending Exec Club in-person events to be fully vaccinated and show proof of vaccination (either through electronic copy, photocopy or photo).

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