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Willis Towers Watson says in Sustainably Engaged that employee insight will be driven by people analytics, employee experience, high-performance culture, well being and agile/design thinking. Human resources (HR) professionals are looking to connect data from multiple surveys, human resource information systems and other sources to identify patterns and possibly build predictive models to identify which factors predict business performance. This requires not only good data and software but also expertise in how to handle and model complex data and statistics to predict safety incidents, breach risks or production output. Some firms are employing employee experience experts to take a holistic view of strategies, policies, systems and programs, which requires continuous measurement, qualitative data and techniques like segmentation and persona building to improve the employee experience. Additionally, HR is looking to well-being dashboards to connect the physical, financial, emotional and social components to improve well being, which in turn can lead to higher revenues per employee, lower health care costs and fewer days lost. Companies looking to achieve great financials and great cultures require firms to adopt a strong and inspiring purpose; ensure the workforce is highly driven, agile and innovative; provide fantastic growth opportunities; and develop a strong culture of trust. Willis Towers Watson also finds that to bring about agility and innovation in the workplace, companies should consider holding sprints in which those with project experience work collaboratively at pace for a defined period of time. Projects can then be broken down into manageable parts, while design thinking can encourage teams to be empathetic to the end-user experience at all points, eventually reducing the time and cost spent on project development.

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