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The 11 coolest offices of 2018 are homier than ever, with curated objects, fully loaded kitchens and intimate seating areas. Selected by Crain’s Assistant Managing Editor Jan Parr, freelance art director Megan Duffy Rostan and interior designer Greg Jagmin from 78 nominations, these 11 Chicago offices have riser seating that can double as hangouts and companywide meeting space – in other words, benefits that might just swing prospective employees one way or the other, or encourage existing ones to stay. Interior design firm Gary Lee Partners has new offices on the top floor of the Marwen building in River North, which boast exposed brick, timber columns and windows on all four sides surrounding an open floor plan that allows for greater collaboration. Another selection, McDonald’s, recently moved to the West Loop neighborhood and opened a space that incorporates the restaurant chain’s famed arches in abstract ways and offers a green wall in the lobby with edible plants that can be used in test kitchens on the second floor. Real estate developer Sterling Bay, also in the West Loop, blurs the lines between hospitality and workplace with standing desks, bar chairs, as well as conference rooms and informal meeting spaces. The other winners include Beam Suntory (River North), Capital One (Loop), Edarst (Uptown), the Chicago Tribune (Loop), Field Notes (West Loop), Hinshaw (River North), HKS (Loop) and Lovell (River North).

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Image credit: Field Notes website