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On Thursday, November 7, President and CEO of The CARA Group Michelle Reid-Powell presented a behind-the-scenes look at 10 must-have elements for a well-designed organizational learning strategy. The sole purpose of a strong strategy should be to support the business goals established by senior leaders. Organizations that have a clear learning and development strategy tend to maintain a sharp focus on results and to grow in effectiveness. For both large corporations and small companies, it is essential to have an organizational learning strategy in order to ensure that learning aligns with the organization’s talent and business strategies. Through referencing real-world cases on how organizations use their learning strategies, Reid-Powell illuminated how to drive change, improve results and scale operations.

Here are the 10 elements of an organizational learning strategy that were shared with those in attendance:

  1. Alignment with business strategy
  2. Well-defined scope
  3. Governance model
  4. Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  5. Funding model
  6. Alignment with other talent management efforts
  7. Learning organization capabilities
  8. Learning systems
  9. Innovation, methods and tools
  10. Marketing and branding

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