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A Reward Gateway survey of more than 500 human resources (HR) professionals found that one fifth of companies use 10 or more different systems and applications at work, and about 60% are using more than five systems per day. The survey also found that HR professionals want tools that integrate into existing systems. Michael McGowan, who leads consulting firm BPI Group’s leadership and talent practice, says that employers have too many technologies for their HR processes and not enough of them can be integrated or speak to one another. “Something that continues to come up in my work is the importance of one-stop shop for the integration of technology,” he says. “So many companies have different technologies for different HR processes now – learning management, succession and recruiting. The reality is, all of these different HR processes need to be aligned and integrated.” Aligning these tools can be a challenge, but Dan Staley, global HR technology leader at PwC, advises HR teams to pick tools that already have integrations built into them. Finding HCM systems that consolidate processes like payroll and benefits in one platform, for instance, can help reduce some of these challenges. HR teams also need to better understand their technology options so they can pick the best fit for their companies, but experts say HR also may face budget constraints that limit their options. Lastly, HR must be cognizant that digital tools can only go so far and that they should look for tools that can balance a company’s culture and enhance it.

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