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Technology continues to disrupt businesses by affecting organizational productivity. For many companies it can be a challenge to navigate this changing landscape. Customer demands and expectations are changing, causing a need to change operation models and create more agile work environments. The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to eliminate some current jobs, augment others and even create new ones. HR needs to be aware of this and other technological trends so we can get ahead of the need to rethink how we source for, retain, engage and develop future talent.

At a recent Young HR Leaders Interest Group event, hosted by HRMAC, an expert panel discussed the evolution of HR and the power of AI. Panelists included Daniel Mason (director of talent management and organizational alignment, Willis Towers Watson), Chris White (senior leader – automation and technology strategy, Allstate) and Barbara Halverson (senior vice president of change management in global operations, Chubb Insurance).

Here are five key takeaways from what they had to say:

  1. Invest and understand the right skills needed before starting to implement AI; it is not all about the technology.
  2. Seek out what your organization is doing today, identify what you are trying to solve, then articulate what you are going to do.
  3. Three keys to success when looking to implement AI are…
    • Understand the complexity before acting
    • Focus on automating inefficient and complex processes
    • Invest in change management
  4. Be a student of AI – study up and understand the spectrum of technology and identify what you are trying to solve.
  5. Prioritize what is most critical from a change-management perspective and begin there.

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