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Read on for three episode recaps from The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes podcast.

Learning to Lead

John C. Maxwell, author and coach, says in the Lewis Howes Podcast that we all go through times of uncertainty in our lives. But rather than give up, he advises that people use that uncertainty to find their direction. Maxwell began his career as a pastor, but in his first year began to feel out of place. “When you go to adversity and you know your purpose, you feel the winds and you can feel the heat process, but you don’t get tossed and you know who you are and what you’re supposed to do,” he says.

Change Your Mind about Failure

Gary Vaynerchuck, CEO of VaynerMedia and venture capitalist, says people need to change how they view failure. failures happen, but they can teach you what you are best at, he says. Vaynerchuck adds, “I think about self-awareness, I think about the emotional quotient (EQ), I think about finding that. I’ve been talking more about finding the five people that are closest to you, to tell you the truth.”

Stop Overthinking and Start Doing

Gunnar Lovelace, a serial entrepreneur and founder and Co-CEO of thrive market, advises that men and women need to stop overthinking and just put themselves in the driver’s seat. “Make the mistakes and see the real world dynamic instead of trying to overthink it. That to me, personally, has been such a powerful learning lesson over and over again,” he adds. Mistakes can be the next learning opportunity. Lovelace adds, “It’s like fertile terrain for which the next seed comes and you know it’s that willingness to just fall down over and over again and pick yourself back up and there’s gonna be things that really work well and all it takes is a few things to work well.”

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