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CVC Credit Partners Head of Human Resources Merary Soto-Saunders discusses her experiences working across four continents and more than 20 countries and how it’s helped her cultivate a global human resources (HR) mindset. A global mindset, she says, is about being nimble, the ability to adapt to any situation, such as allowing employees to have greater flexibility in their work schedules, and recognizing that current solutions may need to change to tackle current problems. To prepare for her first move from North America to South America, Soto-Saunders studied employment contracts, made a list of vendors and resources, and conducted other research, but felt unprepared for the cultural shift she experienced. She advises HR staff to be observers and to take a step back to assess cultures in work environments in order to determine the best solutions and strategies for ensuring productivity and success. HR should dig deep into the problem they are trying to solve and get to the root of the issue before slapping a solution on it. Soto-Saunders says HR needs to listen to how employees want to be heard in order to address their needs within the confines of culture, policy and compliance expectations. In many ways, HR staff must be a translator between offices around the globe, as well as between managers and employees. For HR staff looking to work abroad, they should do so with a global mindset and specific intention, as well as be willing to move a lot, she says. Take an inventory of the resources you need, like if you need certain technologies or staff before you arrive, Soto-Saunders adds.

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