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Cameron Bishop, CEO and president of SkillPath, outlines the seven learning and development trends businesses should consider adopting in 2019 to prepare staff to perform well in a highly competitive environment. The first step is to ensure that the C-suite and human resources teams collaborate on learning and development efforts is to ensure that goals are aligned and that skills and knowledge can be shared with employees freely as part of a sustainable and adaptable learning culture. In an effort to prepare future leaders, HR should target job candidates with leadership potential and begin training them on leadership development, communication, and problem-solving skills. Soft skills like emotional intelligence, collaboration and negotiation should be emphasized, as they can foster employee retention, improve leadership and build a meaningful culture, Bishop says. Training programs should also make use of gamification in order to build a progressive reward system that motivates employees, he adds, and training should be viewed as a differentiator in attracting talent. Programs now need to be learner-centric, rather than one-size-fits-all and content-oriented, and need to account for the learner’s experience, work environment, performance and technological fluency. Finally, Bishop notes that digital and mobile content are more critical than ever because most employees say they cannot take time away from their primary jobs to attend trainings. Delivering training on multiple platforms – such as classroom, mobile and on-demand – can help eliminate the time crunch for busy employees.

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