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Starting on Jan. 1, 2020, Illinois will require all Illinois-based businesses to report any workplace incidents of sexual harassment and discrimination. The new law also limits a company’s ability to require a nondisclosure agreement in settlement agreements and extends job-protected leave to victims of gender violence, among other provisions. In addition, the law calls for training programs that are approved by the Illinois Department of Human Rights. Laurie Huspen, a human resources consultant and training leader, says now is the time for companies to begin planning to comply with the law, which will affect every Illinois business with more than one employee.

Huspen adds, “The new law takes an important step by going beyond just mandating that harassment training take place, but specifically states that the training must be interactive. This moves harassment training away from self-directed computer programs that simply check a box and instead brings the topic to the forefront where people must see it and discuss it at some level.”

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