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Executive recruiter Jack Kelly says that the job search and hiring process is broken. According to Kelly, there is a “communication breakdown” between job seekers and company representatives, including HR professionals. Job seekers over age 30 expect companies to acknowledge resume submissions, offer feedback after interviews and provide them with relevant time frames, interview details and a rough idea of the compensation. These expectations are rarely met, and job seekers feel that the human resources staff they interact with, many of whom are in their 20s, tend to hide behind technology. Kelly says this is in line with other generational tensions that manifest in the hiring process. Experienced professionals often feel disrespected by their younger colleagues and face frustrating employment prospects relative to their qualifications. Meanwhile, younger employees despair that they will ever achieve the economic stability of their parents, and many feel stuck in their jobs as older workers take up the “good” seats, preventing them from advancing within the organization. Kelly says that corporate executives should examine the issue closely and work to come up with appropriate solutions, because, without them, multigenerational communication tensions will only increase and open positions will remain open for longer periods of time, impacting the productivity of the entire organization.

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