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Using a learner-centric model, Education Design Lab’s UpSkill SA initiative will pair an employer-focused curriculum from Palo Alto College with support services from the school and Goodwill Industries International to upskill front-line workers in San Antonio, Texas. The 18-month pilot will provide training to more than 400 Goodwill San Antonio workers in fields such as logistics and supply chain management. Counselors, coaches and case workers will help learners focus on skills enhancement as they assist with some of the traditional barriers to learning such as child care, transportation and technology access. Goodwill’s collaboration with the UpSkill SA initiative and partnerships with various organizations to promote learning suggests a broader trend among employers investing in employee training opportunities. With more Americans buying online, careers in warehousing, supply chain and logistics are booming. “UpSkill SA! reflects the power – and necessity – of cross-sector collaboration to build accessible pathways into the most in-demand fields,” says Palo Alto College President Robert Garza. “By connecting Goodwill workers with marketable skills in high-growth jobs, we can help ensure every person in our community has the ability to gain the education needed for a stable career.”

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