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Snappy’s recent survey on employee happiness reveals that 1 in 3 employees generally do not feel valued. And, when employees do not feel appreciated, they start looking for new jobs. Employee Appreciation Day is one opportunity for employers to demonstrate how much they value their workers. Taking the time to recognize employees and show them the company appreciates their hard work is one of the best investments businesses can make. At the end of the day, when employees feel appreciated, they are more actively engaged in the growth of the business. To show appreciation, experts agree that giving a gift card is ineffective because it is not thoughtful or meaningful and places a visible price tag on an employee’s “worth.” Companies turning to physical gifts or experiences without visible price tags are finding better responses from employees. Showing appreciation for employees beyond an annual holiday bonus and recognizing them on their birthdays, service anniversaries or National Employee Appreciation Day goes a long way. Some viable options include a personalized note of recognition from the supervisor and allowing employees to choose their own gift. Not observing a day like National Employee Appreciation Day is a missed opportunity for companies, as employees want to feel their efforts are being recognized and their employers are invested in their professional and personal development. Businesses reinforce how valued their team members truly are to the success of the company when they choose to celebrate milestones throughout the year in an individualized and thoughtful way. Taking advantage of National Employee Appreciation Day is an investment in happy employees and strong morale, which makes all the difference in setting up a business to thrive.

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