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One of Allstate’s core values is that of inclusive diversity. Cultivating a diverse workforce and fostering an inclusive environment is table stakes in our ability to be a leader in business and for the communities we serve. The ability to attract, train and retain top talent, rich in diverse perspectives and committed to the company’s shared purpose and values is critical to our success now and in the future.

Allstate’s Enterprise Diversity Leadership Council (EDLC) is one example of how Allstate is leading in this space. The EDLC is chaired by our CEO, Thomas Wilson and led by a group of officers and directors from across the company charged with being a catalyst for inclusive diversity at Allstate. In 2015, the EDLC and the Inclusive Diversity team were challenged by Wilson to help Allstate find even greater ways to live into our core value of inclusive diversity.

When confronted with this challenge, the group analyzed many potential options and concluded there was a need to improve the visible leadership commitment to inclusive diversity throughout the organization. This effort translated into having every business area establish specific inclusive diversity commitments (IDC). These commitments were based on unique business needs and designed to increase accountability for improving the diverse pipeline of talent and to build more inclusive leaders. The EDLC, HR Business Partners and the Inclusive Diversity team consulted with every business unit to develop specific commitments. Using data pinpointed to each area, the business units set custom goals and action items, including hiring to fill diversity gaps and offering development opportunities like mentoring programs. Harriet Harty, CHRO, shared, “It was critical that our business units were equipped to take ownership for their IDCs, but also that we fostered a collaborative environment for them to engage. It’s exciting to see the creativity and engagement that’s taken flight since.”

The program, now in its third year, continues to expand and senior leadership continues to raise the bar each year. Harty continued, “The inclusive diversity commitments have become woven into the fabric of how we do business at Allstate.”

To ensure transparency and accountability, the IDCs are evaluated quarterly and in 2017 the commitments were integrated into the CEO Talent Review process. In addition, the EDLC continues to be a champion for awareness, integration and accountability.

As the IDCs mature, we’ve seen more purposeful efforts around the development of our diverse workforce, including execution on rigorous development plans and providing a variety of new opportunities for growth. We’ve also seen best practices emerge that include stronger integration and communication of IDCs alongside other business priorities; assigning officer sponsors to each individual commitment (most parts of the business have 3 IDCs) and engaging Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) around recruitment, retention and advancement. The IDCs have also inspired other programs such as the “Power of 5” sponsorship program which pairs women with leaders throughout the organization to help enhance their skills and careers.

“Allstate embraces inclusive diversity and has made it central to our culture and the way we do business,” said Christy Harris, vice president, Benefits, Inclusive Diversity and Talent Acquisition. “At year-end 2017, 56 percent of employees and 45 percent of managers at Allstate were women. We are committed to creating an environment where people from different backgrounds are provided every opportunity to succeed in our workplace, all the while contributing their voices and soaring to new heights at every stage of their career.”