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As HR professionals at all career levels, nothing quite stands out as an example of this powerful quote above more than the HRMAC Leadership Series. This multi-program event launched 15 years ago, and though HR trends have changed, the essence still holds true-the Leadership Series is a chance to learn about the key insights of HR strategies, hear from C-suite executives of successful companies, and network with your colleagues.

The final installment of the 2017 Leadership Series, “Culture and Leading Change: Transforming the Organization,” is scheduled for June 7 and will highlight the role of culture in an organization’s vision and strategy. Panelists Mark Hacker, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Motorola Solutions, and Christian Herrmann, Chief Executive Officer of Morton Salt, will discuss how they have personally and proactively addressed culture to support organizational evolution and drive change.

What message your culture sends can make or break how your employees react and behave when undergoing organizational change. Learn how to get them on board to support the strategy through the eyes of panelists who have been there. The panel discussion will focus on the critical role culture plays in bringing an organization’s vision and strategy to life.

Without addressing when there is a need for a culture change, your employees will likely be less engaged and less interested in committing to your cause. Show your staff you are committed to them by working together to develop a strategy that reflects where you want the organization’s culture, vision, and values to go. Focusing on your employees’ wellbeing and dynamic in the culture shift can lead to happier customers and higher profits, so join us for this insightful discussion.

Attending the Leadership Series is not only beneficial for HR leaders but also for new staff; they will have a first-hand opportunity to learn some of the leadership strategies they will need as they advance in their careers, so purchasing a table is an effective way for you and your staff to collaborate in a new environment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the final program of the 2017 Leadership Series! Learn how to come together, stay together and work together at the June installment. See you on June 7!