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Episode 056 – Marc Benioff, CEO & Founder, Salesforce 

On this episode of the Executives’ Exchange, we spotlight a recognized leader in the world of business, Mark Benioff. Mark is the CEO of Salesforce, as well as a New York Times bestseller, and an advocate for ethical business practices. Hear what insights Mark thinks helped to propel Salesforce to its extreme success and explore the principles that guide Mark’s leadership. 

00:00 – Intro 
00:19 – Marc’s new tower 
01:39 – Early life, video games, leading up to Salesforce 
05:03 – Career path
08:11 – How is AI transforming Salesforce?
17:32 – Leadership Style & Innovation
20:36 – Shure Sponsor 
21:05 – How to help better vision the future 
23:56 – How salesforce operationalizes its values as well as personal values in business 
28:35 – 1:1:1 model and philanthropy 
34:52 – Chicago investments, the new tower opening again, singer song writers 
41:11 – Closing remarks 
41:48 – Outro 

Episode Link: Salesforce 

Host: Margaret Mueller, President & CEO, The Executives’ Club of Chicago
Producer: Eva Penar, Chief Content & Communications Officer, The Executives’ Club of Chicago

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