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Episode 030 – Patrick O’Rahilly, Founder and CEO, FactoryFix

On this episode of the Executives’ Exchange, guest host, MxD’s Chandra Brown sits down with Patrick O’Rahilly, founder and CEO of FactoryFix. They discuss the opportunities and challenges of reshoring manufacturing and supply chain operations, in the US, and Chicagoland in particular. From attracting and retaining talent to the pipeline for professional growth, these two explore ways we can all be thinking about solving some of the supply chain backlogs by bringing opportunities stateside.


01:15 – Patrick discusses the founding and ideas behind FactoryFix

06:30 – How Patrick’s business ran pre-pandemic and how he survived during Covid-19

13:22 – Patrick discusses business and manufacturing strategy specifically in the Chicagoland area

15:45 – Patrick’s thoughts on the current labor market & the opportunities and challenges it will bring

21:32 – Patrick discusses the business market in neighboring countries

23:21 – Patrick discusses diversity in the workplace in today’s market

25:20 – Technological and automation industry advancements & the opportunities they will create

31:26 – Patrick discusses Supplier diversity to support local manufacturing

33:43 – The innovative technologies Patrick uses at FactoryFix

38:50 – Patrick discusses the one step for success in the Midwest for manufactures


Episode link: FactoryFix | MxD

Guest Host: Chandra Brown, CEO, MxD
Producer: Eva Penar, Chief Content & Communications Officer, The Executives’ Club of Chicago

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