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Episode 019 – Coco Meers, Co-Founder & CEO, Equilibria

On this episode of the Executives’ Exchange, we’re joined by Coco Meers, CEO & Co-Founder of Equilibria. Coco discusses how this Alabama native’s early aspirations of dance & law transitioned to marketing and brand management. She talks about the journeys of her Chicago-based startups and how the windy city is both tough and nurturing to its entrepreneurs. Tune in as she discusses the meaning of balance, the intersection of wellness, self-care, and beauty, and more.

1:42 – Early upbringing in an attorney driven Alabama family
4:11 – Women are strong—Coco shares her admiration in seeing her mother reinvent herself
7:10 – Coco’s new career path—marketing
10:18 – Discuss the importance of P & L and brand management experience
12:07 – Coco discusses the pivot to entrepreneurship, working for Loreal, deciding to go to business school, and building her portfolio from early-stage consumer companies.
14:1  – Coco shares insight into her first company Pretty Quick & the significant role of supply and demand
18:13 – Next chapter of entrepreneurship—Coco leads beauty at Groupon
19:30 – Coco provides advice for entrepreneurs; she discusses the influential role of a startup and the importance of investing in companies with unit economic viability.
22:33 – Comparison of Chicago’s startup culture versus the West Coast; investments versus conservative investments
24:14 – Coco discusses Equilibria and explains CBD Products versus cannabis products.
28:08 – Coco shares her journey of CBD discovery and Equilibria’s founding as a health tech services company.
31:50 – Lessons learned—Coco discusses when business partners aren’t the right fit
35:24 – Advice for those interested in using CBD products for the first time & Coco’s personal CBD routine.
42:46 – Providing support to members and employees during the pandemic
46:25 – Coco discusses the benefits of starting a business in Chicago and recruiting globally.
51:30 – Coco discusses the impact of her English major and supporting the Arts
53:43 – The intersection and balance of wellness, self-care and beauty
59:00 – Rapid Fire Questions

Episode Link: Equilibria

Host: Margaret Mueller, CEO & President, The Executives’ Club of Chicago
Producer: Eva Penar, Chief Content & Communications Officer, The Executives’ Club of Chicago

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