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Episode 001 – Christine Schyvinck, CEO, Shure Incorporated

Christine Schyvinck has been lucky enough to have her two passions, engineering and music, collide into an executive career that’s provided personal growth and professional satisfaction. Hear her insights about women in STEM, her lightbulb moment, and career advice applicable to all aspiring executives.

1:00 – Talk of first job/Chris’ start at Shure
6:00 – Women in STEM/philanthropy efforts
10:35 – Career options
12:00 – Mentorship and moving up the ladder
14:30 – Rethinking career moves
15:45 – Surprises of being CEO
17:45 – Shure in Chicago
22:00 – Worldwide scope/international market
24:30 – Shure during Covid
29:00 – About the Shure podcast sponsorship
30:15 – Spoken word content trend
31:30 – Little known facts about Chris
34:00 – Biggest career accomplishments
36:00 – Dealing with challenging situations
37:45 – When are you at your best? What keeps you up at night? 
43:00 – Thoughts on the future
44:45 – Roles for women and underrepresented groups
47:00 – Lessons for Chris’ younger self

Episode Links: WHAM | Lindblom Robotics

Host: Margaret Mueller, CEO & President, The Executives’ Club of Chicago
Producer: Eva Penar, Chief Content & Communications Officer, The Executives’ Club of Chicago

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Thank you to our podcast sponsor, Shure Incorporated.
For nearly 100 years, Shure Incorporated has developed best-in-class audio products that provide high-quality performance, reliability and value. Headquartered in Niles, Illinois, our history of innovation and expertise in acoustics, wireless technology, and more enables us to deliver seamless, transparent audio experiences to a global audience. Our diverse product line includes world-class wired and wireless microphones, networked audio systems and signal processors, conferencing and discussion systems, software, a loudspeaker, and award-winning earphones and headphones.

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