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Episode 007 - Amanda Lannert, CEO, Jellyvision

Amanda Lannert, CEO of Jellyvision will discuss how you grow a startup versus scale a large company and embody a strong organization culture that is all about behavior. Tune in to hear Amanda weigh in on the cadence of promotions and title changes and how to leverage workforce disruption for a happier life.

1:00 – Recap of moments before the shutdown
3:09 –Discussion on introversion from the pandemic
3:54 – Becoming CEO of Jellyvision 8:20 – Most surprising part of becoming CEO
9:39 – What comes first, title or promotion?
11:10 – Toughest decisions for leadership during disruption/crisis
17:10 – Building a strong company culture—startup vs larger organization
21:23 – Leading with purpose and creativity
23:35 – Discussion on Chicago’s role in Jellyvision’s success
25:51 – How can Chicago be better/different?
28:39 – Technology leadership, borderless leadership with remote work and long-term strategy
32:31 – Younger workers and blank slate opportunity – who will and won’t take advantage of COVID reset?
35:20 – Breaking the concept of “the ideal worker” and changing the narrative
37:42 – Discuss Amanda’s diverse educational background and concept of “learn how to learn”
40:29 – CEOs as lifelong learners, staying curious
41:33 – Discussion on wellbeing during the pandemic
43:22 – Amanda’s hope & curiosity for the future


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