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Welcome to The Executives' Exchange!

Are you curious about how successful executives thrive? Looking for motivation as you work your way to the top?

Listen to Chicago executives share their real, often sobering, stories about success and failure, how they create meaningful connections, manage inside and outside of work, and learn the unteachable lessons of experience. Hear the tales of hard-fought victories from leaders whose paths have never been a straight line. The Greater Chicago area is home to 37 Fortune 500 companies, is a producer of the highest percentage of female-owned startups in the US and is a city built on resilience. It’s in our DNA.  

The Executives’ Club of Chicago is happy to announce the new podcast The Executives' Exchange. The podcast will go deep with some of the most successful executives, who unlock the keys to their success. Our first season features Ulta Beauty CEO Mary Dillon,  Morningstar Founder Joe Mansueto, Shure CEO Christine Schyvinck and many more!  

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Episode 001 - Christine Schyvinck, CEO, Shure

Meet Christine Schyvinck, CEO of Shure on this episode of The Executives' Exchange. She’s been lucky enough to have her two passions, engineering and music, collide into an executive career that has provided personal growth and professional satisfaction. Hear her insights about Women in STEM, her lightbulb moment and career advice applicable to all aspiring executives on The Executives' Exchange.

Episode 002 - Joe Mansueto, Executive Chairman and Founder, Morningstar

Joe Mansueto, Executive Chairman and Founder of Morningstar discusses how his love of investing led to the creation of Morningstar. Tune in for a deep dive into how he thinks about investing in the City of Chicago now, owning a sports team, Ted Lasso and more!

Episode 003 - Deryl McKissack, CEO and President of McKissack & McKissack

Deryl McKissack, CEO and President of McKissack & McKissack shares a candid conversation on her history and success. Deryl sheds light on how family legacy, a desire to fight for equity in a white and male-dominated industry, and building bridges led to the rise of one of the nation’s top architectural firms!

Episode 004 - Julie Smolyansky, CEO of Lifeway Foods

Julie Smolyansky, CEO of Lifeway Foods, shares her journey of becoming the youngest woman CEO of a publicly traded company at just 27 in 2002. It’s a journey that taught her many lessons along the way about the power of family, wellbeing, and staying true to who you are. Listen to hear more about Julie’s story and how she finds meaning outside of work to contribute to a safer, more equitable society.

Episode 005 - Jahmal Cole, CEO and Founder of My Block, My Hood, My City

On this episode of The Executives’ Exchange, we sit down with Jahmal Cole, CEO and Founder of My Block, My Hood, My City (M3), to talk about the power of mentorship and exposure for the under-served youth of Chicago. Cole is a legend in the making whose mantra of personal accountability and creating opportunity for others keeps him on track as he looks to expand the powerful presence of his community engagement work. Tune in to hear more about M3’s impact in Chicago and how your organization can create life-changing learning experiences for young people in Chicago’s divested neighborhoods.

Episode 006 - Mary Dillon, Executive Chair, Ulta Beauty

On this episode of The Executives’ Exchange, Mary Dillon, Executive Chair of Ulta Beauty joins us to discuss her journey as a first generation college graduate, as well as the luck and preparedness which yielded her early successes. She discusses the challenge of making an iconic American meal healthier; the three lenses of leadership she feels are required to build an exceptional team: functional expertise; enterprise thinking and collaboration; her successful run at Ulta Beauty, the future of retail and more!

Episode 007 - Amanda Lannert, CEO, Jellyvision

Amanda Lannert, CEO of Jellyvision will discuss how you grow a startup versus scale a large company and embody a strong organization culture that is all about behavior. Tune in to hear Amanda weigh in on the cadence of promotions and title changes and how to leverage workforce disruption for a happier life.


Episode 008 - Charlie Mills, CEO, Medline Industries, Inc.

Linda Imonti, Office Managing Principal at KPMG sits down with Medline CEO Charlie Mills to discuss what it is like to work in and operate a family-led business, how Medline scaled manufacturing and leveraged supply chain to meet COVID-19 head on, and why a top-down understanding client needs, and how to sell your product, is vital for success!

Episode 009 - Tonise Paul, Chairman, Energy BBDO

Tonise Paul, Chairman and former President & CEO of Energy BBDO shares her irrefutable leadership insights for personal & organizational success. She discusses the necessity of authenticity in determining brand values, creating and maintaining culture, and how opportunities can be embedded in crisis. Tune in to hear how she implemented change during her long-term tenure as CEO.
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