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Member Spotlight: Fred Siegman

Fred Siegman

Fred is President of Siegman Consulting Services, LTD. He joined The Club in 2003 to meet corporate leaders and successfully did so at the first luncheon he attended. Fred sought to meet then organization chair Miles White using the strategic networking lessons he teaches clients. He prepared an eight second “spontaneous” introduction three weeks in advance of the program that would make Fred memorable. It worked. Miles recognized Fred four months later, the next time they saw each other after that initial meeting. Fred regularly attends Executives’ Club programs and helps amplify the mission of The Club throughout his extensive relationship network including frequent social media posts about Club programs and speakers.

What about your work, company or role makes you most proud?

Seeing the energy, enthusiasm, and success of clients when they learn how to transform their networking and personal brand activities into a strategic goal-oriented plan.

What is your favorite binge-worthy show or podcast?


What was your first job? What lesson did you learn that you will carry with you?

Budget Rent a Car Manager. I learned not to blindly trust people.

Who was the best boss you ever had and why?

I have worked for myself for more than 30 years, so I don’t really remember the bosses I had before then. They all are tied now for the best except for that one who fired me.

Can you share a time when you had to reinvent yourself, your product/service or your brand?

I started my consulting firm focusing on real estate after a 14-year career in that industry. I discussed my business model with several potential clients before starting my firm. All expressed strong interest and said they would hire me but not enough did. I pivoted taking the pieces I found most successful and rewarding, making connections to diverse individuals and groups, and refocused my firm to educate clients about strategic networking and personal branding.

What’s your best “work from home” life hack?

Dancing for five minutes every hour.

What drew you to Chicago as a business or personal home?

First, birth brought me to the Chicago area and marriage has kept me here.

Among the people you work with, who inspires you and why?

As a solopreneur my clients and other leaders provide inspiration. I love having so many opportunities to connect with dedicated and brilliant people.

Much aligned with the values of The Club, Fred reminds us of the importance of strategic networking and developing a unique personal brand. We would love to hear from you and highlight your achievements and tips in our member spotlight. To be featured or to recommend another member of The Executives’ Club to share a spotlight, please contact our team at