The Executives' Club Of Chicago

Leadership Circle

For more than a decade, The Club has been recognized for convening the country’s largest executive peer-to-peer leadership program. Leadership Circle aims to develop the diverse current and emerging leaders of the Chicago business and civic communities by providing its leaders exclusive access to the intellectual capital of their peers. 

The purpose of the program is to provide leaders of the Chicago business community with an opportunity to build relationships with their peers.  The experience provides an intimate and confidential setting for participants to share success, challenges, and build capacity.  The engagement of their group can provide support for participants as they navigate their leadership journey.

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What is Leadership Circle?

Leadership Circle is a twelve-month experience where participants are thoughtfully placed into peer groups.  Typically, groups consist of 10-12 participants with two co-facilitators.  The program targets executives who are looking to build a group of peers who can provide advice and insight as participants move through the career lifecycle.  Co-facilitators of the groups are members who help to guide group engagement creating and maintaining momentum throughout the program.

Why Leadership Circle?

  • Leaders at all levels are consistently expected to achieve high levels of success but cannot typically find the time to sustain a robust peer network.  Leadership Circle offers a valuable monthly opportunity for important reflection on personal and professional life.
  • Often development programs offer an opportunity to examine the everyday work experiences, but do not generally offer an opportunity to reflect on and align challenges in participants’ personal lives.
  • Leadership Circle is a renewable program that offers participants the chance to remain engaged with a peer group across a long period of time.  Over time, groups have the opportunity to celebrate successes and work through areas of opportunity together.

How Do I Apply?

You can learn more by clicking the applications below or by contacting Brett Taylor.