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EC Associates is the premier forum for emerging leaders providing access to a powerful peer network and the opportunity to develop their leadership acumen through a series of unique, experiential development opportunities.

This exclusive group meets each month for activities that lay career foundations, build strong professional networks and develop leadership skills. Currently over 250 people representing 40 different companies have participated in this program and many choose to renew their participation each year.

Program Benefits

  • Affiliation with one of the country’s top business forums
  • A small group experience where participants can build strategic relationships and share experiences
  • Unique interactive programs offered only to EC Associates
  • Access to broader Club programming at the member rate.
  • An opportunity to engage with top corporate executives during C-Suite visits

Program Offerings

  • A mentorship group that meets at least six times per year
  • Two networking dinners providing opportunities for relationship building
  • An opportunity to engage with top corporate executives during on-site visits
  • Special activities that allow participants to build relationships while engaging in unique experiences
  • Two experiential workshops focused on key elements of leadership development

“EC Associates is a phenomenal program. Not only did I glean a close network of like-minded, Chicago-based peers outside of my organization, I also developed critical soft skills that will help me grow my career within my organization.”

Who Should Participate

  • Individual contributors, first-time managers or people managing small teams
  • Individuals looking to network and build relationships
  • Next generation leaders seeking peer-to-peer mentorship

The EC Associates program is for future members of The Executives’ Club, run outside of Club membership. Cost to participate is $600 per employee.

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