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Providing a place where healthcare professionals who implement and create policy can meet, the Healthcare Forum is responsible for connecting members and industry leaders wanting to discuss developments in wellness and healthcare, preventative products and services, and more.

This Forum provides a place where individuals can learn about transformations in health and wellness systems, dig into the economics of healthcare, and find out where the future of healthcare is heading!

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Healthcare is an ever-evolving industry. This Forum is for members whose interests are piqued by:

  • What neuroscience teaches us about how employees want to engage in their work
  • How the business community can help combat the opioid crisis
  • Digital trends in healthcare, the rise of telemedicine and what it means for the industry
  • Community health and the importance of local partnerships in creating effective community health partnerships

Curious who will be in the room and leading the conversations? Find a diverse group of:

  • Chief Human Resource Officers
  • Benefits Executives
  • Wellness Managers
  • Health and Wellness Providers
  • Insurance Executives
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Hospital Executives

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