The Executives' Club Of Chicago



Craig Bartholomew
Craig Bartholomew
Executive Director of Illinois
UnitedHealthcare Employer and Individual


Nitin Jain
ZS Associates

Brian Walsh
Vice President Managed Care
Northwestern Memorial Healthcare

The Healthcare Forum comprises professionals who implement and create policy in the healthcare industry, as well as organizations that develop or provide wellness and prevention products and services. Interests of this Forum include transforming the health and wellness system, understanding healthcare economics, and evolving healthcare infrastructure. 

Join us if you are: 

  • Chief Human Resource Officer 

  • Chief Financial Officer 

  • Benefits Executives 

  • Wellness Managers 

  • Health and Wellness Providers 

  • Insurance Executives 

  • Plan Administrators 

  • Insurance 

  • Healthcare and Hospital Providers 

Want to join this Forum?

Contact Justin Berkowitz, Forums and Content Manager to learn more or register for an upcoming event.