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The Internet – designed to make lives, and business opportunities and connections easier. Over the last several decades, the internet has become key in allowing companies to thrive and grow. Increased reliance on the internet, however, comes at a price as businesses open their software and systems to new risks and dangers in our current digital world. As cyber and ransomware attacks continue to make national headlines more businesses (and industry sectors) find themselves falling victim to attacks. From private to public sector, small businesses to global corporations, no matter your organizations’ size, scope, or industry it appears in this technological era no one is immune from a possible attack.

So, what do business leaders do? What steps can you and your team take to mitigate potential attacks before they occur? How are leaders, particularly Chief Information Security Officers, arming themselves and their companies against possible attacks? What lessons can be learned from those businesses who have suffered through and emerged from a hack?

Join Exec Club’s Business Technology Forum as we tackle these questions (and more!) We’ll have the chance to hear from Paige H. Adams, Global Chief Information Security Officer, Zurich Insurance, Jennifer Bisceglie, Founder and CEO of Interos Inc, Harpreet Sidhu, Global Managed Security Services Lead, Accenture Security, and Justin Stahl, Vice President of Information Technology, Chicago Bears as they join Robert E. Kress, Managing Director, Accenture to discuss how to scale your cybersecurity operations to meet the moment.

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