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DEI has largely failed in most companies across America. Recently, we have seen many companies expand their efforts to create and execute on fully developed DEI Strategies, create a culture that supports the strategy and help employees to reflect and analyze their own biases and experiences. But the next step to success lies in identifying clear metrics for organizational transformation and delivering a strategy that is not plagued by historic systemic failures .

In this workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to identify clear and measurable practices for their DEI strategy and learn why and how traditional DEI programs encounter barriers to success.

Why you should attend:

  • Learn why DEI Has failed In most corporations across America
  • Learn how to best use data to meet your DEI goals
  • Examine policies, practices, programs that enable an organization to create measurable change –even if you are behind
  • Share successes, challenges, and best practices with other leaders and companies.

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