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Culture is often defined by the routines, traditions, and behaviors of the people in an organization, but we often don’t explore where and how those cultural habits came to exist. As we continue to develop our cross-cultural muscles, it is critical that we analyze how our personal experiences and those of our colleagues show up in the workplace. In a world that continues to redefine inclusion, exercising a global mindset is not just good for business, but is critical to developing strong and impactful relationships. These are leadership skills which translate into impact on team collaboration, innovation, and DEI initiatives.

Join Dr. Nitha Fiona Nagubadi, Founder of Mango Networx & Ethnic Events, as she shares her expertise on why awareness of one’s cultural differences gives leaders and their organizations an advantage and why exercising your global mindset is a constant journey.

The Executives’ Club of Chicago Coffee & Connect Series is an exclusive opportunity for members to speak candidly with other Chicago business leaders in an intimate and interactive format. We encourage you to engage fully by being present with your video on, coming prepared with questions and ready to interact with other members of the Exec Club in curated breakout sessions.

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