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After almost two years, the pandemic continues to threaten Chicago’s labor market recovery. Employers struggle to find and keep workers in the current market where we are seeing 100 job openings for every 83 applicants. How can employers navigate the new normal and create a meaningful work environment for their teams to ensure work isn’t just ‘getting completed’, but that employees feel engaged and motivated beyond checking tasks off a list?

Winning companies know how to keep all employees focused on the company’s mission, uniting in-person and remote workers for operational and fiscal success. So, what’s their secret? What are winning companies doing now to strengthen overall employee engagement? How are leaders balancing the myriad of needs and wants of employees while balancing the needs of the company? What are some of the tactics being used to allow employees of all levels to feel valued, respected and motivated in our new hybrid-normal?

We speak to experts in human resources and operations on how to develop talent, create inclusive work environments, address employee concerns all with the goal of driving success and creating an environment where employees feel they can thrive. Join our panelists as they sit down with Kim Svoboda, Founder, Aspiration Catalyst for this important conversation.

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