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Corporate Social Responsibility Forum:

Throughout the final months of 2021, one couldn’t turn on the news without mention of the supply chain crisis. Between shipping containers sitting on the West Coast to increasingly spare shelves, individuals from CEO to customer were faced with questions of where products were, how long they’d take to arrive and what could be done to avert a similar crisis in the future? While business leaders and consumers wonder about future backlogging of the supply chain, questions about how to solve for the current crisis must be addressed with a focus on the environmental, social and governance factors that will allow for responsible solutions and spending.

In this panel discussion, Exec Club’s Corporate Social Responsibility Forum brings together a panel of experts to discuss how business leaders can be taking vital steps to ensure that the procurement and sale of goods and services is done mindfully and with an eye toward ESG benchmarking. Together we’ll discuss how leaders of both small and large businesses are thinking about their relationships with the earth and climate, at-risk communities, technological advances, and equity of the supply chain for businesses of all sizes.

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