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Mayor Rahm Emanuel will speak to over 1,600 professionals at a breakfast organized by The Executives’ Club of Chicago on Tuesday, November 8th. 

The Mayor’s remarks will focus on economic growth in Chicago; specifically the role the public sector plays in creating conditions for private sector business development and job growth. 

In his first months in office, Mayor Emanuel has helped bring more than 8,000 private-sector jobs to Chicago. He has taken steps to advance Chicago as a destination for international corporations and small businesses, initiating reforms to ensure transparency and accountability in City government, redeploying over 1,000 police officers to Chicago’s neighborhoods, and working to improve our public schools. 

“As an organization dedicated to advancing Chicago as an important international economic center, The Executives’ Club is proud to host the Mayor”, said David Nelms, Chairman and CEO of Discover Financial Services and Chair of The Executives’ Club’s Board. 

Member: $50
Nonmember: $75
Member: $750
A table seats 10 individuals