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Many of us have seen the transformation of the news unfold as the first print newspaper went digital in the ’80s. It wasn’t long before other facets of traditional media followed suit. Research shows that in 2021, more than eight-in-ten U.S. adults say they access news digitally, and while the convenience of accessing information in an instant has propelled society, business, and all connectivity as we know it, the integrity of all digital sources varies.

As the current digital landscape evolves, the value of journalism continues to be more and more critical. Though in 2020, a year of arguably some of the most notable events in recent times, the U.S. saw a massive decrease in journalist professions, in tandem with a surge in the mass confusion created by misinformation. With the future of local journalism in peril, join Nykia Wright, Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Sun-Times, as she shares the importance of local news media, its role in society, and how we should think about the economics of journalism.

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