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Food & Beverage Forum:

In 2022, business leaders find themselves facing an employee (and consumer) base who don’t just want goods in hands but want to know that companies they support are spending and planning with ESG top-of-mind. While questions about ethical spending, awareness toward climate and environmental issues and overall purpose can be found regardless of industry, framing how to engage in an ethical supply-chain requires a different eye when discussing Food and Beverage companies and products.

With increased consumer demand for organic, ethically sourced, and packaged food and beverage products, how are leaders in these sectors balancing the demands of an increasingly conscious buyer?

As employees continue to press their leaders in food, beverage, and agri-business to invest in ethical technologies and supply-chain processes, how have these companies sought to marry profit and purpose? What does the future of a more ethical food and beverage industry look like – and what steps can we take to get there? Join Exec Club’s Food and Beverage Forum for a conversation on what steps can be taken toward a more sustainable and ethical food and beverage sector.

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