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Where do we come from? Where are we now? And where are we going? A company’s ability to tell its story has the power to shape not only the workplace but the buy-in from all constituents. Dubbed the best tool to inspire and inform, a well told story is often used to embrace a new vision or help implement change. Mission-driven organizations have historically used storytelling as a vehicle to share their purpose. Now, companies looking to adapt in an ever-changing environment must do the same. But it’s not as simple as providing a past, present and future. Stakeholders must understand the art behind telling their stories and recognize the influence it can have to shape beliefs, change opinions, and engage an audience.

Join Erskine “Chuck” Faush, Director of Community & Economic Development at Nicor, a Southern Company, for a lesson on the power of storytelling and the transformative power and potential to bring about change.

The Executives’ Club of Chicago Coffee & Connect Series is an exclusive opportunity for members to speak candidly with other Chicago business leaders in an intimate and interactive format. This Coffee & Connect session will be held in person at the location provided above. We encourage members to come ready to interact with other members of the Exec Club and engage with the speaker in Q&A following the discussion.

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