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On Tuesday, November 1, from 12:00-1:30 p.m., the Corporate Coalition, the Exec Club and ten partner organizations will host a virtual showcase to help companies meet today’s human capital challenges. In two sets of break-out sessions covering ten different topics, attendees will learn first-hand from business leaders about practices they’ve implemented, including both pitfalls and successes.

Showcase topics will include:

  • Retaining key talent through resilience and well-being practices
  • Advancing employees through new promotion ladders
  • Making the case for second-chance / fair-chance hiring
  • Busting myths about second-chance / fair-chance hiring
  • Becoming an employer of choice
  • Broadening and diversifying the talent pool by rethinking job requirements
  • Bringing employees back to the office in an inclusive manner
  • Attracting underrepresented populations for IT roles
  • Thinking about commitments: Where they work (and where they don’t)

The focus of each session will be on business-to-business discussion, hearing directly from those who have implemented new practices. Expect insights, connections, and practical information to enrich your thinking and inspire action.

The showcase will be split into two sessions of 5 break-out topics each. For those interested in only one topic, the showcase will end at 12:50 pm. For those interested in attending both sessions, the showcase will end at 1:30 pm. Companies interested in multiple topics are welcome to register multiple participants. Please note that each participant needs to register separately.

Pricing: Complimentary

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