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Congress ratified the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote in August 1920. One hundred years on, women represent 51 percent of the population but less than a third of the nation’s elected leaders. How can we tap the full potential of the nation’s talent pool to lead?  

Join the Executives’ Club of Chicago at noon on Sept. 9 as we reflect and commemorate 100 years of women’s engagement in the political process, with a virtual panel of opinion leaders, political strategists and advocates for female candidates.  With campaigns going down to the wire this fall, talk of voter suppression and continued racial unrest, the women’s vote will be more crucial than ever. The September panel will celebrate how far women have come while also considering what additional progress is necessary and the opportunities that lie ahead this fall. 

Our panelists include Republican Political Strategist Mary Matalin, former U.S. Rep. Melissa Bean, former U.S. Senator and Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun and Erin Loos Cutraro, CEO and Founder of She Should Run. Our moderator is Tina Tchen, CEO of Time’s Up and Chief of Staff to former First Lady Michelle Obama. 

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