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This workshop helps leaders look at ways to unleash the potential of talent within their teams, including deliberately reviewing talent, strengthening the competencies that lead to high team performance, and amplifying results through coaching conversations. In this workshop, participants will examine the talent on their current team with a pre-work assignment. In this assessment, they will consider how their direct reports are performing, how their skillsets show up every day, whether or not they are a flight risk and their future potential.

Following that workshop exercise and discussion, participants will examine more closely what they can do to support their team members and build a high-performance team. In the next exercise, each participant will reflect upon one direct report that they consider a top talent/ potential successor and determine how best they can support that person to grow and develop.

Next, participants leverage a High-Performing Leadership Team Framework as a useful tool to help their direct reports who manage others enable team performance on their teams. This framework identifies a set of behaviors that managers on a team should commit to and consistently demonstrate to optimize results. Applying this framework will allow leaders to overcome common leadership team challenges. Finally, participants leverage this model to work on an action/development plan to amplify the competencies of their direct report considered a successor or high potential.

Individual Pricing:
Members: Complimentary
Non-Members: $50

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