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Talent and Culture Forum:

Over the past few years, the calls for greater pay transparency and equity have increased and can no longer be ignored. Organizations are attempting to navigate these changes in a tight talent market amid increased expectations for greater accountability from their teams as well as updated guidance from local, state and federal infrastructure.

In Illinois, the amendments to the Equal Pay Act have gone into effect requiring employers with more than 100 employees to now file data with the state every two years on their pay practices to ensure equity between employees regardless of gender, race, or other protected status. Organizations who don’t comply with these new laws not only face heavy fines from the government, but also risk damage to their reputation with employees and the public. As these laws continue to be passed across the country, and around the world, organizations need to have plans in place for traversing the ever-changing landscape.

Join us for a panel discussion with industry experts on how companies can create a well-rounded strategy to not only comply with legislation but advance pay equity and transparency objectives through effective change management and intentional approaches to meeting employee expectations.

This program is eligible for SHRM Professional Development Credits.

This program is presented in partnership with the HRMAC Institute at the Executives’ Club of Chicago. The HRMAC Institute comprises Chicagoland’s largest and most vibrant community of professionals who are passionate about talent and building the best organizations of the future.

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