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Your innovation team is not literally a symphony, although you want a culture with good listening, harmony, synchronization, recovery from mistakes, and breath-taking moments that matter. Your innovation work is not literally a factory, although you want a culture that is mindful of economics, speed, quality, automation, waste, and fearless discipline. The cultures of dance, improv, and theater also give insights for your customer’s story, employee engagement, and profit. Conventional thinking tells you that software is what makes innovation difficult and that you must surrender to meeting gridlock, email overload, and VUCA.

Join Robert Snyder, Founder & President, Innovation Elegance, LLC, for a Coffee and Connect on what to do about those project failure rates of 50-70% and your storytelling skills that you aren’t using enough. We will discuss metaphors and frameworks to lead and innovate with the discipline of a conveyer belt, the empathy of a high school play, and the elegance of a Salsa dance team.

The Executives’ Club of Chicago Coffee & Connect Series is an exclusive opportunity for members to speak candidly with other Chicago business leaders in an intimate and interactive format. We encourage you to engage fully by being present with your video on, coming prepared with questions and ready to interact with other members of the Exec Club in curated breakout sessions.

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